The building and the apartments

The building Rapelenburg Residence consists of 225 comfortable apartments and studio’s spread over 6 floors (ground floor and 5 floors);

Ground floor: parking, shared bike storage, 40 apartments
1st floor: 46 apartments
2nd floor: 49 apartments
3rd floor: 47 apartments
4th floor: 30 apartments
5th floor: 13 apartments and roof terrace

There are 7 different types of apartments. These are studio’s (everything in one space) and apartments with 1 separate bedroom, with or without balcony. The apartments vary from 19 to 41m2.

The building can be accessed from the backside through two main entrances. The main entrance leads to a central hall with access to the elevators and staircases that lead to all floors.

At the backside is also a parking with 144 spots for cars that can be rented optionally. There is a shared bike storage available.

Rapelenburg Residence Begane grond
Rapelenburg Residence 1e etage
Rapelenburg Residence 2e etage
Rapelenburg Residence 3e etage
Rapelenburg Residence 4e etage
Rapelenburg Residence 5e etage