The building and the apartments

The characteristic building (monument) was previously used as the post- and telegram office at the Keizersgracht – Stadspoort. The property was built in 1909 and constructed by mr. Knuttel. In the early years the old Dutch post office was situated here and during the eighties the ground floor was transformed into shops. In 2014 the 1st and 2nd floor have been completely renovated and transformed into 18 luxurious short-stay apartments.

Short-stay accommodations are meant for expats and international students who intend to stay in the Netherlands for a short duration of time. All accommodations are therefore completely independent, furnished and provided with a complete inventory.

When the property was renovated, many authentic elements have been kept, such as the high windows with plenty of natural light, the gallery on the inside, and the wooden floors. By keeping these elements and using high quality materials and functional design of each accommodation they have become very modern and cosy apartments.

The L-shaped building is divided into two parts, the part facing the Keizersgracht street and the Stadspoort side, facing the shopping street. Every part is provided with its own main entrance. At the main entrance with intercom system and mailboxes the apartments can be reached.

There are 3 types of accommodations;

  • Lofts at the frontside of the building (Keizersgracht) with platforms;
  • Studios with high ceilings at the backside;
  • Corner apartments with separate bedroom;